That’s why we say that Affron® has its own fingerprint.

Food supplements based on saffron (Crocus sativus L.) dried stigma extracts are widely consumed due to their multiple bioactive properties. Saffron extract (SE) standardization is of crucial importance, as it determines the reproducibility of the product quality and is essential for the evaluation of its bioactive effect and safety.

In this post we present you the main conclusions related to our product affron® drawn from the Scientific Publication “Fingerprint of Characteristic Saffron Compounds as Novel Standardization of Commercial Crocus sativus Extracts” in the scientific journal “Foods”.

  1. Affron® has an innovative standardisation that is completely differentiating from all other commercial extracts on the market. This is due to the definition of its authenticity profile (“fingerprint”), which is determined by a series of proportionality ratios between a large group of substances characteristic of saffron.
  2. The application of this standardisation to our commercial extract affron®,  yields a fixed and reproducible fingerprint batch-to-batch with a consistent content of active ingredients, a circumstance that proves that the therapeutic effects demonstrated in affron® throughout the large number of clinical studies to which it has been subjected, are solely attributable to our formulation, and not to any other saffron extract on the market containing an equivalent amount of active ingredients. In this way, the reproducibility of the chemical nature of affron® batch-to-batch brings our plant-based ingredient closer to the definition of an “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient” (API).
  3. Pharmactive defends and applies high quality control standards in both its raw material procurement and its standardised and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. It only uses saffron strands of the highest quality in the manufacture of its affron® extract and performs all the necessary analyses to detect possible frauds in both raw materials and saffron extracts.

In short, all the above confirms once again that affron® is the most scientifically supported saffron extract available on the market.

Affron fingerprint

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