Who we are?

Pharmactive is a natural difference

Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L. is a privately-owned Spanish company that develops and manufactures differentiated natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence. Pharmactive makes these innovative ingredients available to other companies in the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Industries for marketing/distribution.

The essence of our work

Our aim is to generate a positive and significant impact on people’s health and well-being.

A 14-year history

Everything started with a little group of entrepreneurs led by Jean-Marie Raymond, who developed a breakthrough idea and vision that came to life with the traditional and Mediterranean plant of saffron.

Establishing the highest quality standards as a core value of the business combined with continued R&D investment, Pharmactive was the 1st company to introduce saffron extract in the market for mood improvement.

Today, we are worldwide leaders in high quality saffron extracts, continually launching new botanical ingredients endorsed by science to boost your brands and formulations.

In addition, we are expanding our facilities (R&D, QC, manufacturing plant and warehouse), every year.

Bring science to your formulations

Expert selection of innovative biomolecules and extracts with high added value:

  • +35 Scientific studies / Posters published
  • >8 Human clinical
  • +10% Of sales invested in R&D

Evidence-based ingredients

Ingredient development based on scientific studies.  Guaranteed cost-effectiveness with minimum dosage and maximum benefit for your consumer.

Partnership with universities and research organizations

We are located in one of the epicentres of research nutrition, so that we closely collaborate with leading scientists to boost our R&D capabilities and to generate new business.

Our certifications and awards

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