Traditional roots and locally sourced

Promotes immunity and alleviates cold-like symptoms*†

Multi targeted mechanism of action*†

Cold and flu symptoms are amongst the most common concerns costumers have, as they can have a negative impact on the development of a normal lifestyle

What is Isenolic®?

Isenolic® is a premium olive leaf ingredient, standardized to ≥4% elenolic acid (ELA) by HPLC.

Elenolic acid is one of the most important olive secondary metabolites.

It is the main active responsible for the olive leaves longevity and it has shown to inhibit neuraminidase activity*†. Several studies have reported that ELA provides antioxidants, promoting immunity, and may help relief cold-like symptoms*†.

How does it work?

Olive leaves extract have been related to multiple positive effects helping to reinforce the immune system against microbials (specially viruses)*†.


Why Isenolic®?

  • Traditional roots that appeal to consumers as natural, effective, and safe solution*†.
  • Multi-target mechanism of action*†.
  • Locally sourced. Environmentally responsible.
  • Standardized to ≥4% elenolic acid by HPLC, which has been reported to exert immunity support in several studies*†.

Isenolic® offers an innovative approach for immune support, as it is a natural, traceable, and traditional ingredient that provides with a multi-target mechanism of action*†

  • Non-GMO.

  • Non-irradiated.

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(†) References available upon request

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