Support cardiovascular function*†

Superior antioxidant capacity*†

Help maintain healthy blood pressure levels*† identified aged black garlic as one of the 2020 most trendy ingredient*†

What is Abg10+?

Abg10+ is a unique aged black garlic ingredient, standardized to ≥0.1% S-allyl cysteine (SAC) by HPLC. It is a highly stable and bioavailable biomolecule that has been associated in several studies to the inhibition of oxidative damage as a result of its potent antioxidant and cardioprotective properties*†.

Abg10+genuine quality relies on local trusted sourcing, the selection of the Spanish species Allium sativum L. and the exclusive and proprietary extraction process that uniquely concentrates and preserves the actives with low energy use.

How does it work?

There has been identified the following Abg10+ mechanisms of action:

  • Help support heart normal contraction*†.
  • Help maintain healthy blood pressure levels*†.
  • Help alleviate oxidative stress*†.
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Why Abg10+ ?

  • All-natural ingredient to support normal heart function.
  • Genuine Allium sativum L. locally sourced in Spain.
  • Traditional history of use in millennial Asian cultures.
  • Superior antioxidant capacity (reaching higher values 10-fold compared to regular white garlic)†*.
  • Mechanism of action identified in vitro†*.
  • Proprietary ageing and extraction process which uniquely concentrates and preserves the actives, meeting the highest quality standards.
  • Several standardizations available to perfectly adapt to any galenic formulation.

Abg10+ is a Nutraingredients-Awards finalist

Proprietary ageing process

Abg10+ is produced via a Maillard reaction through Pharmactive´s proprietary process. It consists of controlled temperature and relative humidity, which eliminates the unpleasant garlic sensorial characteristics while, increasing the content in bioactive compounds.

The resulting black garlic bulbs are used to produce a unique black garlic extract, with reported cardioprotective effect†*.

There are no additives, preservatives, or burning of any kind during the process.

Locally sourced

We cultivate garlic in our own fields located in Castilla la Mancha, using traditional growth and harvesting methods.

The key to obtain Abg10+  unique features are: raw garlic of the highest quality, exclusive proprietary ageing process to ensure the maximum concentration of SAC and an optimized extraction.

Abg10+ comes from a selected garlic variety, which provides with better organoleptic properties than regular white garlic†*.

Finalist NutraIngredients Awards

Abg10+ has been recognized as a finalist of  Ingredient of the Year for Weight Management, at The NutraIngredients Asia Awards, 2019.

  • Non-GMO.

  • Non-irradiated.

  • Abg10+ use is recommended to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Our certifications and awards

(†) References available upon request

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(*) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.