Help to improve visual acuity and eye health*†

Fastest absorption antioxidant for natural eye health*†

Help manage ocular tension and stress*†

Continued over-exposure to oxidative stress agents, such as blue light, could lead to damage retinal cells. This can seriously affect eye health*†

What is Affroneye?

Affroneye is a new generation of eye health ingredient based on premium saffron (Crocus sativus L.), standardized to 3% crocins by HPLC.

Crocins are the major carotenoids of saffron, which have shown in recent studies to protect against free radicals and promote macular health*†.

Affroneye genuine quality relies on local trusted sourcing, the selection of the species Crocus sativus L. and the exclusive and proprietary extraction process that uniquely concentrates and preserves the actives with low energy use.

How does it work?

Affroneye main mechanisms of action:

  • Antioxidant: Affroneye may induce a reduction in intraocular pressure due to its antioxidant properties*†. Oxidative stress negatively affect ocular health*†.
  • Antiapoptotic: Affroneye may increase the oxygen available to the photoreceptors, wich promotes visual acuity*†. Exposure to continuous bright light and environmental stress may cause death of photoreceptors in the eye*†.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Affroneye helps the natural mechanisms of the eye to reduce retinal inflammation in response to external or internal harmful agents*†.
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Why affroneye?

  • Genuine (Crocus sativus L.). Made in Spain
  • Own extraction plant.
  • Low dosage: 20 mg/day.
  • Fastest absorption antioxidant compared to traditional carotenoids*†.
  • Proprietary extraction process AFF ON Cool-Tech, which uniquely concentrates and preserves the bioactives with a low energy use.

The award-winning ingredient to contribute to the maintenance of healthy vision*

Winner NutraIngredients Awards

Affroneye has been recognized as the Ingredient of the Year for Healthy Ageing, at The NutraIngredients Asia Awards, 2019.

  • Non-GMO.

  • Non-irradiated.

Our certifications and awards

(†) References available upon request

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