Help reduce occasional skin redness and inflammation*†

Oral solution that can be combined with topical ones*†

Reduces oxidative stress*†

2-23% of the general population in developed countries suffer from occasional inflammation or redness in the skin*

What is Xorialyc?

Xorialyc is a premium ingredient targeting skin discomfort caused by occasional inflammation*†. It is based on olive leaf and standardized to ≥ 1mg/g luteolin-7-o-glucoside by HPLC and to ≥ 30% orthodiphenols.

More concretely, luteolin-7-o-glucoside is a flavonoid with scientific evidence to help reduce occasional skin inflammation*†.

How does it work?

There has been identified the following main Xorialyc mechanisms of action:

  • Reduces oxidative stress *†.
  • High inhibition capacity of pro-inflammatory factors at low doses*†.
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Why Xorialyc?

  • Traditional roots that appeal to costumers as a natural, and accurate solution*†.
  • Endorsed by scientific evidence for occasional redness and skin inflammation reduction*†.
  • Combinable with topic solutions.
  • 100% traceable. Made in Spain.
  • Multiple galenic applications. Water soluble.

Xorialyc provides natural support to help with occasional skin redness or inflammation, being compatible with topical solutions*†

  • Non-GMO.

  • Non-irradiated.

Our certifications and awards

(†) References available upon request

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(*) These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.